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An Arlington Case Study

Capability Statement for DoD Contractor Case Study

Our Goal

Assist a small (177 employees) defense contractor (client) based in Northern Virginia with developing a well-written capability statement, along with additional supporting marketing strategies and ideas for showcasing their unique subject matter expertise and product offerings to the defense industry.

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Challenges & Needs

The client was looking for ways to further market their core product offering - a threat hunting software tool - to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), but needed assistance in understanding the complex layers and bureaucracy of the DIB. Additional challenges included the following:

  • No clear Marketing Strategy. The client had no real game plan for developing and pushing out all the necessary marketing materials for their threat hunting tool to the broader DIB.

  • Real Concerns with Return on Investment (ROI): As a small contractor, they had genuine concerns on the true costs they were going to spend on marketing, and how they could ensure a strong return on investment.

Our Solution

Arlington successfully implemented the following strategies and solutions:

  • Met with key stakeholders within various departments for the organization, earning acceptance and support for what was a groundbreaking marketing program for helping promote their product.

Challenges Solved

  • Developed a comprehensive capabilities statement highlighting the features, benefits, and advantages of their threat hunting software solution.

  • Developed and implemented an all-new marketing campaign that included webinars, a pay-per-click campaign, and numerous other game changing inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

  • Assisted in developing a Value Added Reseller (VAR) strategy for building relationships with trusted channel partners in helping cross-market and sell the client’s threat hunting software solution.

Value Created

  • Helped initiative a long-term sales and marketing strategy to provide measurable ROI for years to come.

  • Enhanced business development opportunities for not only their leading software solution, but for other services and solutions also.

Why Arlington?

We are Arlington, a team of innovative, solution-oriented, highly agile, and well-versed professionals with decades of experience in working with America’s defense industry. From emerging cybersecurity regulations to helping our clients solve complex security & compliance solutions – and so much more – you can trust Arlington, the firm that’s Dedicated to Defense®. Sidebar

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