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DoD Strategy & Advisory

Risk Advisory Assessments

Risk Advisory Assessments

Risk Advisory (InfoSec, Cyber, Data Privacy, TPRM, Compliance) services and assessments for DoD contractors.

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Capabilities Assessments for DoD Contractors | Risk | Data Privacy | Cybersecurity | Regulatory Compliance

Defense contractors face numerous challenges for ensuring their long-term survival and profitability. Key to maintaining a healthy business now – and in the future – is managing the plethora of risks that too often blindside an organization. Arlington’s risk advisory services help federal contractors in better understanding the wide-range of risks and threats that can negatively impact their organization, and how to best mitigate these very issues. Effective risk management translates into highly successful organizational management for an organization, no question about it.

Additionally, from FISMA to FedRAMPCMMCNIST 800-171eMASS – and more – regulatory compliance is alive and well in the DoD.

Arlington Security Portal

Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

Industry Leading Risk Advisory Solutions for DoD Contractors

Arlington has years of experience helping federal contractors assessing various risks that have the potential to negatively impact their organization. With Arlington, we offer the following risk advisory services to the broader Defense Industrial Base (DIB) throughout North America:

Why Arlington for Risk Advisory

  • Highly specialized DoD consulting firm dedicated to compliance and strategy.

  • Hundreds of successful engagements over the last decade for DoD contractors.

  • Fixed-fee pricing for all of our DoD services.

Why Arlington?

Decades of Defense Industry Expertise. Recognized leaders in all things DoD. World-Class Arlington Security Portal (ASP).

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Information Security Risk Assessments

We live in a world where technology is completely transforming our lives and the very fabric of everything we do. For defense contractors, technology – and the application of information security – is one of the most critically important issues to be dealt with on a daily basis. Defense contractors seeking to maximize their security posture for ensuring their assets are protected at all times would highly benefit from Arlington’s information security risk assessment services. From firewalls to file integrity monitoring, if it’s got to do with information security, we’ll cover it with our comprehensive risk assessment services.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity is impacting defense contractors in many ways, most notably with the large and ever-growing regulatory compliance requirements. Such measures are forcing organizations to spend large sums of money – and operational time – in implementing a laundry list of cybersecurity controls. But it’s more than just compliance, it’s about ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your network. With Arlington, our cybersecurity risk assessments and supporting cyber solutions cover all of today’s current cyber related issues, threats, challenges – and best practices – for ensuring a complete assessment of all things cyber.

Data Risk Assessments

Data is the new oil – one of the more notable statements of the new digital world we live in. For defense contractors, it’s about ensuring you have a complete picture of how your data is being collected, used, shared & disclosed, stored, protected, retained, and disposed of. Our data privacy risk assessments and supporting data privacy solutions will do just that – a deep dive in understanding the types of data groups and data sets you work with (i.e., internal company data, corporate IP data, client data, etc.) and what’s being done for ensuring the safety, security – and accountability – of your data.

Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assessing one’s supply chain in terms of third-party providers is absolutely critical in today’s complex business arena. Defense contractors often rely on a large number of external entities for facilitating daily operational activities. With Arlington, we can dig deep into your supply chain to ensure you have a strong understanding of your entire list of third-party providers in terms.

Compliance Risk Assessments

From FISMA to FedRAMP, CMMC, NIST 800-171, eMASS – and more – regulatory compliance is alive and well in the DoD. Key to taming the compliance dragon is understanding the relevant risks associated with compliance, while developing an efficient process for annual reporting. Arlington can get you there – after all – we’re seasoned experts when it comes to regulatory compliance for the broader DIB.

Strategic Risk Assessments

As a defense contractor, are you making gains in terms of increased market share and profits? Are you looking to add additional products and services to your existing portfolio? Considering restructuring or even acquiring another business? Our decades of experience in the broader Defense Industrial Base (DIB) means you now have a proven, trusted partner for helping with any number of strategic moves you may be considering.

Operational Risk Assessments

From urgent employee needs in today’s incredibly tight labor market to improvements in business efficiency – and much more – Arlington’s decades of defense expertise brings a wealth of operational knowledge to your organization. With a big, bureaucratic, and constantly growing North American defense industry, you need to be lean, efficient, always with an eye on the target for ensuring you stay competitive. Arlington has the experience in helping implement operational best practices for contractors working in the highly specialized defense industry.