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Do Not Sell or Share my Personal Information

Do not sell or share my personal information – For California residents only

Arlington is not in the business of selling personal information, but there are limited circumstances where we share personal information in a manner that may be a sale under California law. This Notice enables you to direct Arlington to refrain from selling personal information associated with you in the future in accordance with California law.

Please note that this right is limited to California residents and is not absolute. For example, we reserve the right to deny your request if we have a reasonable belief that the request to opt-out is fraudulent. In addition, your information may still be shared with third parties where required or otherwise permitted by law, such as with local, state, and federal civil and or criminal agencies, if warranted.

This Notice applies only to Arlington and not to clients or other third parties. Where you have a relationship with or consent to your information being shared with an Arlington client, please consult that client’s privacy statement for information about its sharing practices and the choices it makes available to you. If you are indeed a California resident and want to execute your right for the 'Do not sell or share my personal information' provision. Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating such.