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FedRAMP for DOD Contractors

Project Management

Project Management

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) project management services from beginning to end for ensuring federal contractors receive final FedRAMP authorization.

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Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Project Management Services

Frustrated with the FedRAMP process that can be so incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and complex? With Arlington, we can successfully project manage your entire FedRAMP assessment from beginning to end, creating an efficient, lockstep process that removes many of the unfortunate missteps so often found during these engagements.

Obtaining FedRAMP authorization is a significant commitment with many moving parts. You need a proven, trusted partner for managing the entire process from beginning to end. While the 3PAO is an important component in terms of earning FedRAMP authorization, many other participants are vital – and greatly needed – for ensuring the FedRAMP process is successful. Arlington provides the expertise, knowledge – and manpower – for project managing the entire FedRAMP process from A to Z.

Arlington Security Portal

Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

From Beginning to End, Complete Project Management for FedRAMP

With Arlington, we can manage your entire FedRAMP authorization process from beginning to end (i.e., from the initial FedRAMP scoping & gap assessment to post-Authorization to Operate (ATO) activities), providing essential services for getting you to the finish line in terms of your ATO. Core services and solutions offered include the following:

Benefits of Arlington’s FedRAMP Project Management Services

  • Relieves your organization of the stress and anxiety so often found with FedRAMP.

  • Saves CSPs an incredible amount of time and money.

  • A proven process that simply works.

Why Arlington for FedRAMP
Project Management

  • Years of experience working with all aspects of FedRAMP.

  • Industry leader with decades of federal compliance experience.

  • Trusted experts in all aspects of the FedRAMP process.

Why Arlington?

Decades of Defense Industry Expertise. Recognized leaders in all things DoD. World-Class Arlington Security Portal (ASP).

Passion. Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

Comprehensive RFP Services

We offer Request for Proposal (RFP) services whereby we actively solicit 3PAO FedRAMP assessors for bids, then take the time to interview all assessors, ultimately, selecting the best 3PAO based on your selected criteria (i.e., pricing, timing, referrals, etc.).

Scoping & Gap (i.e., Readiness) Assessments

A critical element for FedRAMP success – and earning FedRAMP Authorization designation – is identifying all compliance gaps with the prescribed control families within one of the three FedRAMP Baselines (i.e., HIGH, MODERATE, or LOW), then remediating them. Our FedRAMP scoping & gap assessments rapidly identifies all gaps, provides a prioritization plan for remediation, while also offering numerous tools and solutions (i.e., policy documents) for helping correct control gaps. You simply cannot move forward with the FedRAMP process without doing a deep-dive into your controls for determining what gaps exist. Arlington’s scoping & gap assessment is highly efficient, yet incredibly comprehensive.

Highly Customized Policies

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), earning FedRAMP authorization for your Cloud Service Offering (CSO) requires developing numerous NIST 800-53 information security policies and procedures. Without such documentation in place, earning FedRAMP authorization is simply impossible. Arlington’s industry leading information security policies and procedures writing services for FedRAMP compliance includes professionally developed templates and toolkits created specifically for the NIST SP 800-53 framework, the very framework for which FedRAMP is built upon.

Additionally, we also offer technical, security, and/or operational remediation services for correcting control gaps found during the initial FedRAMP scoping & gap assessment activities. Need help configuring two-factor authentication, re-configuring servers, writing rulesets, or even providing security awareness training, tabletop exercises, and more? Name the FedRAMP gap, and Arlington can correct it for you.

Managing the official Security Assessment Audit

The official Security Assessment is an independent audit performed by a 3PAO, but as a CSP, you’ll need to commit significant resources for working with the actual 3PAO in performing the audit. That’s where Arlington can assist. We can project manage the entire independent audit process by working directly with the 3PAO. And we can perform any task needed – obtaining screenshots for audit evidence, scheduling interviews, determining population and sampling data, requesting audit evidence from employees, and more. You name it, and Arlington can do it.

System Security Plan (SSP) Development

It’s widely known in the world of FedRAMP that one of the most time-consuming, intensive, and complex requirements for achieving FedRAMP authorization is writing the dreaded System Security Plan (SSP). Yes, FedRAMP provides CSPs with templates to use – but it’s just a template – you still have to spend dozens of hours authoring the 300 + pages with detailed information.

Regardless of your ultimate goal in terms of FedRAMP designation; FedRAMP Ready, FedRAMP in Process, and FedRAMP Authorized, CSPs will need to develop a System Security Plan (SSP). Want to save both time and money on writing your SSP – then talk to Arlington today, the trusted experts in the DoD community when it comes to writing SSPs for federal contractors.

Continuous Monitoring Services

Becoming FedRAMP compliant is a huge achievement, but staying compliant is often just as demanding. What DoD contractors need to be performing is regularly scheduled continuous monitoring of their FedRAMP controls during and after obtaining Authorization to Operate (ATO). This can be a time-consuming process, if not developed correctly. Arlington has years of experience designing, implementing, along with assisting with continuous monitoring efforts for DoD contractors.