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FedRAMP for DOD Contractors

3PAO RFP Services

3PAO RFP Services

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) information security policies and procedures writing services for helping Cloud Service Providers (CSP) develop InfoSec documents in accordance with NIST SP 800-53.

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Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) 3PAO Request for Proposal (RFP) Writing Services

Want to find the best possible 3PAO FedRAMP assessor, at the best price, that’s truly the best fit for your organization? Then consider Arlington’s 3PAO RFP services. Picking the wrong assessor can cost you an incredible amount of time and money, and potential delays in – or even worse – failing to earn Authorization to Operate (ATO) designation.

Arlington has taken the position of NOT becoming a 3PAO FedRAMP assessor for the very fact that we can provide much more meaningful value to our clients throughout the entire FedRAMP process. From FedRAMP Scoping & Gap Assessments to policy and procedures writing, along with System Security Plan (SSP) development, project management – and more – it’s important to stay independent of the services performed by a 3PAO.

Delivering Value with our FedRAMP RFP Services

What we offer in terms of 3PAO services is developing well-written Request for Proposal (RFP) services whereby we actively solicit assessors for bids, then take the time to interview all assessors, and ultimately, hand select the best 3PAO based on your selected criteria (i.e., pricing, timing, referrals, etc.). Picking the wrong 3PAO FedRAMP assessor can be a disaster, this we know from unfortunate events that have played out in the marketplace for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). And this is a primary reason Arlington decided to move forward with 3PAO RFP services.

Proven Lockstep RFP Process for Finding the Best FedRAMP Assessor

Benefits of Arlington’s FedRAMP RFP Services

  • Saves CSPs an incredible amount of time and money.

  • A truly customized RFP requirements process specific to your needs.

  • Ensures you receive the best fit in terms of a 3PAO FedRAMP Assessor.

Why Arlington for FedRAMP RFP Services

  • Years of experience working with 3PAO FedRAMP assessors.

  • Industry leader with decades of federal compliance RFP experience.

  • Complete management of the entire RFP process from beginning to end.

Why Arlington?

Decades of Defense Industry Expertise. Recognized leaders in all things DoD. World-Class Arlington Security Portal (ASP).

Passion. Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

Step 1: RFP Development

What separates a well-written RFP from others is having a document that’s clearly defined in terms of what you’re actually looking for when beginning to consider choosing a FedRAMP 3PAO assessor. After years of working with 3PAOs, we’ve developed a winning RFP formula that asks the right questions for ensuring you receive the best fees from the best available assessor. An RFP that fails to ask for all the necessary information can leave your organization vulnerable to increased costs, project delays, and more.

Step 2: RFP Issuance & Management

Arlington’s extensive network in the federal compliance space means we’ll send your RFP to what we consider the best available 3PAO FedRAMP assessors. We’ve worked with virtually all of them over the years, building solid relationships with assessors that offer competitive fees and excellent deliverables in terms of assessment services. The wrong assessor can cost your organization an immense amount of time and money. While every aspect of the FedRAMP process is without question critical, choosing the right assessor is a must for the overall success of the project.

Step 3: Vendor Review & Selection

We’ll review all the RFP submissions received back to us in great detail, along with following up with additional communication for any areas requiring clarification. At this point, Arlington will provide a recommended list of assessors (no more than 3) on who we find to be the best fit for your organization based on the initially agreed upon RFP criteria.