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DoD Strategy & Advisory

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Strategy and advisory services and solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors seeking expert assistance with information security, cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance needs.

Arlington Security Portal

Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

Department of Defense (DoD) Advisory & Strategy Consulting and Consultants

Federal contractors working within the broader Defense Industrial Base (DIB) of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) facing mounting challenges with today’s complex defense industry mandates. From increased pressures due to regulatory compliance to developing successful RFP submissions – and so much more – today’s DoD is a vast, institutionalized labyrinth of agencies, each with different, yet competing roles, responsibilities, and visions. Combined, the DoD employs approximately 3 million active duty service members, civilian personnel, and National Guard and Reserve service members.

Federal contractors often find working with the DoD confusing – to say the least – yet with Arlington, a household name in the defense industry, we offer sensible, scalable, results-oriented solutions for businesses working with America’s biggest bureaucratic agency of them all.

Additionally, from FISMA to FedRAMPCMMCNIST 800-171eMASS – and more – regulatory compliance is alive and well in the DoD.

Arlington Security Portal

Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

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DoD Strategy Consultants with a Proven Track Record

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Capabilities Assessments

As a federal contractor offering services to the broader DoD apparatus, it’s important to assess one’s capabilities for ensuring your organization is on the right track for long-term success. Arlington’s Capabilities Assessments are strategy driven engagements whereby we dig deep to understand what your business does, where it wants to go, how it should get there, and what’s the roadmap for success. Our Capabilities Assessments methodology can be applied to almost any topic, including key organizational risks, data privacy, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and more.

Risk Advisory Assessments

Defense contractors face numerous challenges for ensuring their long-term survival and profitability. Key to maintaining a healthy business now – and in the future – is managing the plethora of risks that too often blindside an organization. Arlington’s risk advisory services help federal contractors in better understanding the wide-range of risks and threats that can negatively impact their organization, and how to best mitigate these very issues. Effective risk management translates into highly successful organizational management for an organization, no question about it.

Data Mapping Assessments

Federal contractors working with the DoD often have sensitive data resident in their information systems. And with the DoD, there’s no shortage of data types (i.e., UCTI, CUI, CDI, etc.) and classification levels (i.e., public to top secret) for which contractors need to be aware of – and have sound NIST 800-53 policies and procedures in place for ensuring the safety and security of such data. Arlington offers a proven methodology for data mapping, giving your organization a crystal clear picture of how data flows through your systems – and ultimately, how data is collected, used, shared & disclosed, stored, protected, retained, and disposed of.

DoD M&A Due-Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are alive and well in the broader defense industry as organizations seek gains in efficiency, access to new products and customers, and any other number of business reasons. Traditionally, M&A due-diligence measures have focused on legal, H.R., operational and some form of information technology issues, but that’s changing.

In today’s M&A environment, it’s critically important to assess an organization’s cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance posture. Arlington has years of experience working within the DoD industry in terms of M&A due-diligence, offering in-depth experience in helping assess and value the complexities of today’s defense-focused businesses.

DoD IPO Employee Training

Going public for a privately held company in the defense industry can be incredibly stressful for all involved. From employees trying to understand where they fit in and what it means for their future to senior leadership assessing the company’s future in terms of market share and profitability, an IPO is a big event. Employees are your greatest asset – make no mistake about that – and when it comes to going public, everyone needs to be informed, educated, and well-trained on all important aspects of the IPO lifecycle.

Arlington’s DoD IPO employee training solutions provide just that – a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand and interpret set of training solutions for giving your employees that much-needed peace of mind. The more educated your employees are about what going public actually means, the do’s and don’ts of an IPO – and more – the greater the confidence they’ll have in senior leadership, and in their own company. Employees will have questions – many indeed – on the intricacies of an IPO and how it affects them. Arlington’s proven DoD IPO employee training solutions will ease their mind, along with educating the entire company on the broader subject of going public.

DoD RFP, Bids & Contracts

As a federal contractor working in the North American Defense Industrial Base (DIB), there’s tremendous opportunity for growth. With Arlington, we offer numerous services for helping federal contractors gain that winning edge they need. Specifically, services for helping promote business development and organizational growth consist of the following: RFPs, Third-Party Vendor Security Questionnaires, Bids & Contracts.