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Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture

Offering zero trust architecture security consulting and advisory services and solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors.

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Zero Trust Architecture Security Consulting & Advisory for DoD contractors

Arlington is a leading provider of zero trust architecture security consulting and advisory services for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors. As networks continue to increase in size and complexity - and cybersecurity threats continue to grow - the concept of “never trust, always verify” - widely known as Zero Trust - has taken firm root. Network perimeter, defense-in-depth, layered security - and many other security models - have proven to be ineffective in providing the necessary security in today’s world of growing threats.

Zero Trust Architecture Security Consulting & Advisory for DoD contractors

  • A zero trust architecture is an enterprise cybersecurity architecture that is based on zero trust principles and designed to prevent data breaches and limit internal lateral movement.

  • Zero trust is not a single architecture but a set of guiding principles for workflow, system design and operations that can be used to improve the security posture of any classification or sensitivity level.

  • Organizations need to implement comprehensive information security and resiliency practices for zero trust to be effective.

  • A focus on resource protection and the premise that trust is never granted implicitly but must be continually evaluated.

  • A collection of concepts and ideas designed to minimize uncertainty in enforcing accurate, least privilege per-request access decisions in information systems.

What Can Arlington Help with Zero Trust?

Why Arlington for Zero Trust Security?

  • Trusted and well-known all throughout the DoD industry.

  • Years of experience helping DoD contractors implement Zero Trust controls.

  • Proven and efficient methodologies, all at fixed-fee pricing.

  • Data Governance.

Why Arlington?

Decades of Defense Industry Expertise. Recognized leaders in all things DoD. World-Class Arlington Security Portal (ASP).

Passion. Integrity. Innovation. Impact.

Scoping & Gap Assessments

Zero trust is a broad concept with numerous frameworks, deployment models and other supporting measures that can be undertaken. As such, Arlington will help identify, define, and agree upon certain scoping considerations when embarking upon a zero trust architecture. What systems are in scope, tools to use and implement, deficiencies found - and much more - are topics all up for consideration during this critical scoping & gap phase.

Design & Architecture

Designing an information security environment with zero trust in mind requires detailed planning in terms of environments in scope, tools to implement, processes to undertake, and more. With Arlington, we’ll design and architect every step of the process, complete with all necessary documentation for ensuring all security, technical, and operational aspects for implementing zero trust are well-planned and scheduled accordingly.


With a zero trust framework in place, an organization’s information security policies, procedures, programs, and plans will need to be revised to reflect the changes in a systems overall architecture. Such documents are vital for meeting regulatory compliance mandates, along with ensuring InfoSec and cybersecurity best practices are in place. From access control to incident response - and numerous other security domains - your will policies will need to be re-written. Arlington can assist in developing all necessary documentation as required.


Design and strategy is one thing, but deployment is a whole different process that requires technical expertise for getting the job done right. With that in mind, we’ll work side by side with your security personnel to ensure all security, technical, and operational processes and procedures are implemented as required. And with our expertise across all technology environments (i.e., cloud, on-premise, etc.) and computing platforms (i.e., Windows, UNIX, LINUX, etc.), you can be sure Arlington has the expertise for implementing your zero trust controls as needed.