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Data Privacy

PIA Assessments

PIA Assessments

Offering Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) Assessments, consulting and advisory services and solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors.

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Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) Assessments for DoD Contractors

Arlington offers Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) to federal contractors working throughout the broader Department of Defense (DoD) apparatus. As a DoD contractor, regulatory and agency specific contractual requirements often require a PIA to be performed if you have federal data resident in your information systems.

With growing cybersecurity threats challenging the broader DoD community, PIAs are becoming a strict requirement for many DoD contractors. Arlington’s PIA assessments can be customized to any of the specific DoD agency requirements, allowing us to produce a comprehensive, relevant, and detailed PIA report as required.

Additional services for data privacy include Data GovernanceCUI Program Development, Data Mapping, Data Classification, along with building customized Data Privacy Programs.

PIAs – Often a Strict Requirement for DoD Contractors

Per the DoD, “…A Privacy Impact Assessment, or PIA, is an analysis of how personally identifiable information is collected, used, shared, and maintained. The purpose of a PIA is to demonstrate that program managers and system owners consciously incorporate privacy protections throughout the development life cycle of a system or program. PIAs are required by the E-Government Act of 2002…”.

When performed correctly, a PIA successfully analyzes and describes the following information about a specific environment:

  • What information is being collected?

  • Why will the information be collected?

  • What is the intended use of the information?

  • With whom will the information be shared?

  • How will the information be secured?

Core Elements of a DoD PIA

While the DoD is a vast and complex bureaucracy, all agencies within the DoD require a PIA to cover the following essential information:

  • Description and summary of the environment being assessed.

  • Risk review & assessment activities.

  • Assessment of other related security, privacy, and compliance information.

  • Assessment review and findings.

Arlington Security Portal

Get Access to 100 + NIST RMF security and privacy policies & procedures, programs, and plan templates.

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Why Arlington for DoD Privacy Impact Assessments?

  • Trusted and well-known all throughout the DoD industry.

  • Years of experience performing Privacy Impact Assessments.

  • Proven and efficient methodologies, all at fixed-fee pricing.

  • Data Mapping Assessments.

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