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Ukraine Signs Agreement with NATO to Formalize Participation with NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence ( CCDCOE)

Ukraine just inched even closer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO_ - at least in terms of cybersecurity - by signing an agreement with NATO regarding participation with NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre (CCDCOE), the accredited research and training facility dealing with education, consultation, lessons learned, research and development in the field of cyber security.

According to Col Jaak Tarien, Director of the CCDCOE, “Ukraine’s presence in the Centre will enhance the exchange of cyber expertise, between Ukraine and CCDCOE member nations. Ukraine could bring valuable first-hand knowledge of several adversaries within the cyber domain to be used for research, exercises, and training.”

Ukraine has been pushing for membership to the CCDCOE and has finally made progress due in large part to the ongoing war with Russia.  Eager to learn more about Russia’s tactics - and what Ukraine has learned and done to repel such attacks - membership to the CCDCOE seems logical. 

Noted Ludwig Decamps, NATO Communications & Information Agency (NCI) Agency General Manager “We have successfully worked with Ukraine for several years, delivering key capabilities and exchanging knowledge...Under this renewed agreement, we will deepen our collaboration with Ukraine to support them in modernizing their information technology and communications services, while identifying areas where training may be required for their personnel. Our experts stand ready to continue this critical partnership.”

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