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Personal Factors Relating to Insider Threats by Employees

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All individuals possess a unique set of characteristics and circumstances that influence their risk of becoming an insider threat. Organizational change, career progression, job performance, and other workplace dynamics can be relevant factors. Human resources personnel and supervisors are often positioned to recognize risk indicators related to professional lifecycle and performance.

Some indicators may seem routine or commonplace—not everyone gets the promotion; some employees underperform, quit, or are fired—but when there is grievance, conflict, or unanticipated duress, such indicators deserve security concern.


  • Furloughs and lay-offs
  • Separations and terminations
  • Demotions and reprimands
  • Non-judicial punishments
  • Leaves of absence
  • Unauthorized absence / AWOL
  • Involuntary administrative leave
  • Hardship leave
  • Declining performance ratings
  • Poor performance ratings
  • Human resources complaints
  • Negative characterizations of previous employment or service

Human Resources departments play an important role in deterring, detecting, and mitigating insider threat risk. Responsibilities begin prior to, and continue beyond, an individual’s employment with an organization.

Insider Threat Program Toolkit for Federal Contractors

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Moreover, the insider threat training toolkit includes training, education, and awareness initiatives and supporting material for ensuring your program is comprehensive, meeting the needs of your organization. Furthermore, the documentation is easy-to-use and customized for your organization’s exact needs.

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