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Congressional Testimony Calls for Heavy Emphasis on Cyber to Deter and Defeat Adversaries, Particularly China

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In what can only be described as a true wakeup call for the United States, a recent Congressional Testimony painted an ominous picture in that “...the United States will not be ready to deter and defeat America’s most capable adversary — China — in the demanding technological environment we will face in the next five years.

The testimony, given by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), stated how “It is likely that current Chinese war plans will include a comprehensive pressure campaign that uses these emerging technologies to try and blind U.S. intelligence networks and silence our ability to communicate with forward forces, employ malicious cyber activity…” to weaken our military.[1]

Because of the grave threats faced from China, the FDD recommended the following[2]:

(1) increase procurement of long-range weapons to strike Chinese ships

(2) develop and deploy cruise, ballistic, and hypersonic defense capabilities throughout U.S. basing in the Pacific

(3) pre-position munitions in Taiwan for their use in a contingency as we will not be able to resupply easily in a crisis (as we have in Ukraine)

(4) resource and position Deployable Air Base Systems, so air assets can rapidly move around the theater

(5) train and exercise with Taiwan air and maritime forces

Per the testimony by the FDD, “The United States and its allies and partners may not be on the right track to be ready for a conflict with China in the next five years…”.[3]

The report is available online at:

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