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U.S. Navy Pushes Forward with Cyberspace Superiority Vision (CSV)

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In an effort to continue to keep pace with the changes in warfare - especially with cybersecurity - the Department of Navy (DON) has put forth its Cyberspace Superiority Vision (CSV) - the pursuit of cyberspace superiority guided by three principles - Secure, Survive, and Strike.

Per the two-page document, titled ‘Department of the Navy Cyberspace Superiority Vision”, “These principles encompass the DON’s cyberspace activities across the entire competition continuum, from day-to-day competition to crisis and conflict. They are fundamental to maintaining maritime dominance and enabling sustained operations in cyber-contested environments by the Navy and Marine Corps. It is the DON’s responsibility to ensure our systems are secure, our infrastructure and weapon systems are survivable, and our cyber operators can strike in and through cyberspace at a time and place of the commander’s choosing.”[1]

At only two pages in length, the Navy acknowledged recently it will be publishing a longer, more detailed version of its Cyberspace Superiority Vision. 

Speaking at the AFCEA WEST conference, Chris Cleary, the Navy’s principal cyber advisor, noted that a more detailed strategy has been drafted, but is “in a holding pattern” so the service could wait until broader Defense Department-level strategies were out, including the Pentagon’s own cyber strategy, in order to ensure the Navy’s strategy aligns with them.

Said Cleary, “So as these other strategies have dropped, most notably the National Defense Strategy… [it] talks about this idea of integrated deterrence…Deterrence through denial, deterrence through resiliency, deterrence through imposing cost. I think I caught a break because that sounds a lot like secure, survive, strike…But when I look at those three overarching premises, well, then it’s my job to ensure the secretary is working to align to those three things… I think we are aligning to exactly what the National Defense Strategy is calling for, but more importantly, this idea of resilience when we talk about the way that we’re going to fight for operational technology, defense critical infrastructure in particular.”[2]

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