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The Trillion Dollar Annual U.S. Defense Budget - It's Almost Here

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It’s almost here - the looming trillion dollar defense budget.  For years, reporters and policy analysts have pondered when the U.S. military budget will surpass the unthinkable $1 trillion per year. The number carries huge symbolic importance and even stands as a goal for some defense hawks.  

It is also a clear reminder that the Pentagon’s appetite for taxpayer funds grows year by year regardless of the nation’s looming budget constraints, not to mention the numerous economic and social policy challenges that do not or should not invoke a military response.  Politicians can spend, and you can better your bottom dollar that’ we’ll be crossing the $1 trillion dollar defense budget threshold soon - very soon.

The United States faces real-world crises, including the war in Ukraine, strategic military challenges with China, the toppling of the Afghan government in August of 2021 and subsequent return of Taliban rule, the civil war in Yemen, the presence of the Islamic State group in Syria, and the Iranian nuclear buildup. And while crises in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and other countries in the region may not receive the same focus that they once did, they still pose a critical threat to U.S. interests within the region.

There are threats everywhere around the globe, and the United States needs to be ready to protect our interests, and at times, help foster peace around the world. Yes, the budget for the DoD is massive - and growing - but it’s needed.

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