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In today's defense landscape, information security is a top priority, especially for cleared contractors working with sensitive government data. To ensure compliance with stringent security standards and streamline risk management processes, cleared contractors in industry working towards A&A use the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS), a government owned web-based application with a broad range of services for comprehensive fully integrated cybersecurity management.

Navigating this intricate ecosystem requires expert guidance, and that's where Arlington steps in. We offer a comprehensive suite of eMASS advisory services to empower cleared contractors in the defense industry.

Understanding eMASS

eMASS is more than just a system; it's a framework designed to standardize the way cleared contractors assess, authorize, and manage their information systems' security. Compliance with eMASS is not an option, but a necessity to ensure the security of critical defense information.

Industry Leading eMASS Advisory Services

1. eMASS Implementation: Arlington helps cleared contractors get started with eMASS by providing end-to-end implementation support We assist in the initial setup, user training, and configuration of eMASS to align with your organization's specific needs and goals.

2. Control Assessments: We conduct thorough control assessments to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of security controls within your information systems. Our experts work to ensure that your systems meet the stringent security standards mandated by eMASS as put forth in the NIST 800-53 Control Export Spreadsheets.

3. Authorization Package Development: Preparing a comprehensive Authorization Package is a critical step in the eMASS process. We assist in the creation of documentation, including all required NIST 800-53 security policies, procedures, programs, plans, and other essential artifacts. Our goal is to ensure that your authorization package is well-structured, complete, and compliant with eMASS requirements.

4. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting: Security doesn't stop with authorization. Arlington helps cleared contractors establish robust NIST 800-53 continuous monitoring practices. We provide guidance on real-time threat detection, vulnerability assessments, and reporting to maintain the security posture of your systems.

5. Compliance Audits and Reviews: Our team conducts regular compliance audits and reviews to ensure that your organization maintains alignment with eMASS standards. We identify and address compliance gaps promptly to reduce risks and maintain operational readiness.

6. Remediation Planning and Support: In the event of identified vulnerabilities, POAMs, or non-compliance issues, Arlington assists in developing remediation plans. We offer expert guidance and support to remediate issues efficiently and effectively.

7. Training and Education: We provide training and educational resources to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate eMASS effectively. Our training programs cover eMASS best practices, security controls, and compliance requirements.

Why Choose Arlington?

At Arlington, we understand that navigating the eMASS ecosystem can be challenging, especially for cleared contractors in the defense industry. Our team of seasoned experts combines deep knowledge of eMASS with a profound understanding of the defense sector's unique demands.

We take pride in our ability to deliver tailored eMASS advisory services that not only ensure compliance but also enhance your organization's overall security posture. With Arlington as your trusted partner, you can focus on your mission-critical work, knowing that your information systems are fortified against evolving threats.

In a world where data security is paramount, choose Arlington for comprehensive eMASS advisory services that empower you to protect your organization, your clients, and our nation's security interests. Contact us today to embark on a secure and compliant eMASS journey. Together, we can safeguard your digital assets and uphold the highest standards of information security in the defense industry.

With ASP, cleared industry has access to not only world-class NIST 800-53 policy templates, but also access to the following:

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